Battery Jump Start Service

If the unexpected occurs and your car won’t start because your battery is dead, leaving you stranded by the roadside, a jump start may be all you need to get back on the road. You may be out in the middle of nowhere with no one in close proximity to ask for a jump cable or a jump start service. Battery jump start service is at your rescue in simple clicks away, simply start by clicking ‘REQUEST A RESCUE’ for quick response jump start service, also view service provider’s location in real-time as they come to your rescue.


Car battery jump start service is offered on a pay per use basis, thus no membership is required to get a car battery jump start service. Roadside assistance gives you confidence you need when on the road. Digitally request for a battery jump start by clicking on REQUEST A RESCUE, select jump start and wait for your battery jump start service provider.

Click on ‘REQUEST A RESCUE’ to get started

  1. Click on ‘Get Started next to battery jump start service from the Roadside Assistance Service menu.
  2. Battery jump start service will confirm your location if you allow location sharing on your device. You can also type your address or search for your location using the search box. Click on ‘Next’ when the marker in the live map aligns with your current location.
  3. Select the option that best describes your cars behavior when you turn on the ignition and click ‘Next’. This helps determine if your car battery can be jump started at the location and allows battery jump start service match the best service provider that is equipped to jump start your car.
  4. Type your name, email and telephone number so battery jump start service provider can contact you if needed.
  5. Select the make, model, year and color of your car then click ‘Next’
  6. Review the summary of your request and information details and enter your payment information.
  7. Battery jump start services will send a text message with the ETA of your service provider. You may also watch your battery jump start service provider in real-time as they come to your rescue.
  8. For additional help, call your jump start service provider directly.


First things first, it’s downright surprising how many things can go wrong in a car battery jump start. But stay clear of these actions and you won’t need to worry.

1. Don’t smoke: Sparks and batteries don’t mix well. But as you might have guessed, all those ashes and sparks from your cigarettes are a good way to cause an explosion in a parking lot. Not good! So put out that cigarette before you begin a battery jump start.

2. Don’t jump start a cracked or broken battery: In most cases, damaged batteries have a habit of leaking. When you attempt to jump start a leaking battery, there’s a chance you’ll ignite some sparks in the process. Open sparks may blow up your battery.

3. Don’t put your car in any mode other than park: If you jump start your car while transmission in drive or in gear, you risk the car jumping forward during the process. It is recommended to put the car in park to avoid this problem.

4. Don’t jump start your car while the battery is frozen: Frozen fluids expand, when this happens, your battery jump start can crack the battery’s casing. Leaky batteries are known to result in explosions.

5. Don’t put the wrong cables on the wrong terminals: this is a quick way to cause an explosion.


Now that you know what to avoid, it’s time to get your car battery jump started and running again. So, follow these steps and you won’t need to worry about explosions anytime soon.

1. Locate the battery in both cars: Note that the battery is not always by the engine or under the front hood. For that matter, you won’t always have easy access to the jump start lugs. If that’s the case, it’ll be easier to find another car with easy battery access if possible.

2. Clean off the battery terminals: If you spot any corrosion or dust, be sure to wipe it off the battery. Surprisingly, these substances can impede the charging process.

 3. Look for the positive terminals: Now it’s time to connect your jumper cable. Start by connecting the positive cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Then, you’ll connect the positive cable to the positive port on the running battery. Do not connect the negatives just yet. If you’re curious, the positive terminal and cable are usually red and noted with a (+) sign.

4. The negative terminals: Black (-) indicates the negative cable and terminal. Clamp your negative cable to the negative port on your dead battery. Then do the same for the running battery

5. Get the Cars Running: Start up the car with the running battery and let it idle for a few minutes. Now start the car with the dead battery. If it’s still not cranking, try adjusting the cables on the terminals so it is firmly hooked and has enough contact. Once your car starts up, remove all cables starting with the negatives, then positives. Keep the jumped car running for about 20 minutes. This will allow the alternator to fully charge the battery before turning the engine off.

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