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Tow services are provided to all local roads, highways and interstates. Tow truck drivers stand prepared to provide professional, quick-response services at prompt notice. Click on tow service nearby below and digitally complete your order online securely while you view live map updates on the location of the tow truck with accurate estimate on arrival time.

Simply select ‘REQUEST A RESCUE’ to get started

  1. Click on ‘Get Started next to Towing Service from the Roadside Assistance Service menu.
  2. Towing Service will easily confirm your location if you allow location sharing on your device. You can also type your address or search for your location using the search box. Click on ‘Next’ when the marker in the live map aligns with your current location.
  3. Enter a destination address for towing service nearby or allow tow service to recommend a list of trusted local repair facilities nearby. Confirm address and click ‘Next’
  4. Type your name, email and telephone number so tow truck or towing service nearby can contact you if needed.
  5. Select the make, model, year and color of your car then click ‘Next’
  6. Review the summary of your request and information details and enter your payment information.
  7. Towing services will send a text message to the phone number you provided with the ETA of your tow truck. You may also watch your towing service nearby provider in real-time as they come to your rescue.
  8. For additional help, call the service provider directly.


If your car breaks down unexpectedly due to an accident or requires towing, 24 hour towing service nearby is available to provide you with reliable towing 24/7. Roadside services offer you a network of local towing service nearby professionals ready to come to your rescue and help you get back to a safe location. Experience fast response tow times from a variety of tow service nearby, cheap car towing, flatbed towing, and 24 hour towing services.

With advance technology, roadside service is able to offer a no-membership yet fair pricing, so you can experience reliable and cheap towing services when your car breaks down. With fast tow truck response times, to real-time tracking of tow drivers on your smartphone, towing service nearby is the No.1 choice for you when in need of a tow truck


It’s that moment you hope never happens while driving. You’re cruising down the road then out of nowhere, smoke begins rising out of your hood, and with the sound of a pop, your car stops moving altogether. If this happens on a busy highway, it is likely that there’s a low chance you will be able to figure out your car’s problem and start it up again in the short term. It’s time to search for a towing service nearby to rescue you. There are a wide variety of reasons why a driver will want to request for a tow service. Anything ranging from fender benders, blown gaskets or blown tire may put a car out of commission. So, when you are in need of a reliable and fast towing service nearby, here are a few steps to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

1. Get Your Car to Safety: First, try to get your car to a safe place. You’ll be lucky if your car breakdowns near a parking lot, food restaurant or gas station. Usually you don’t get lucky and your car stops running in the most inconvenient location, like a major highway during rush hour. If this occurs to you, do everything in your power to get your car into a wide shoulder lane. But if that’s not possible, then try to block off your area and make your car as visible as possible to avoid any hazard. Ideally, this involves setting out cones, flares, or anything else to bring attention to your broken down car. Also, be sure to turn on your hazards to signal other road users.

2. Get Organized: Once your car is safe, it’s time to get organized. Specifically, you’ll want to write down every bit of information that will be useful to the towing service provider. Usually;

  • Forms of Identification
  • Your vehicle location
  • Vehicle description
  • License plate number
  • Your personal phone number

Building off that last point, you’ll want to be as specific as possible for your location. Turning on your location service could be helpful. Sometimes, you’re lucky and it’s the address of the parking lot where your car broke down. Other times, you’ll want to look for mile markers and if possible nearest exits on a highway. Also, be sure to take note of nearby businesses, streets, landmarks, and standout scenery. The more specific, the better and faster of you being located by the towing service provider. And lastly, select a drop-off destination for your car. 

3. Time To Call for the Tow Truck: Time to finally contact the towing service nearby. In most cases, you’ll need to relay a bulk of the information above. So, if you wrote everything down, this step should go relatively quickly and smoothly. And when it comes to giving the location, be as specific as possible. Most smartphones will even allow you to send your direct location to another mobile device. Ask if that’s acceptable, as this will make everyone’s job substantially easier.

4. Sit Tight: After your call, you’ll need to wait a few minutes for the tow truck to arrive. During this time, gather everything special you’ll need to tow your car. For example, some cars will require you to attach extra pieces when receiving service from a tow truck. Also, be sure to exhibit basic safety during this time as well. Lock your doors and be aware of any suspicious people

5. Tow Truck Arrives: Remember all the information you wrote down earlier. Don’t throw those notes away just yet. Instead, keep them handy, as the tow driver might need some of that information as well. From here, you’ll likely need to guide your car onto the tow truck. Don’t worry, the driver will do all the hard work of strapping your ride. All you’ll need to do in most situations is set your car to neutral and control the steering wheel.

Which Towing Service to Call: So who should you call when you need towing for your car. Roadside assistance is a great option. And don’t worry, we at FixSaver offer towing as part of our roadside services. No membership required. And the process will take less than 5 minutes of your time. So if you’re in some need of quick towing anywhere in the US give our services a try.

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