The Ultimate Car Buying Guide - Your Car Buying Questions Answered

Whoever said shopping for a car was an easy process? After all, you need to consider everything from financing options to actual features. Plus, you’re sure to come across a few questions of legality in the process. So today, let’s take a look at all the questions (stupid and not-so-stupid) that you are sure to ask when buying a car and undertaking a quest for the perfect vehicle. These are the best car buying questions to help you when buying a vehicle.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

In our car buying guide, we want you to know how to find vehicles at their best prices. You’ll find a few times throughout the year when you’ll get killer deals on cars. But these are definitely the most notable: Memorial Day weekend, in particular, falls at a great time to get a solid price!

Typically, this happens in the middle of the year (July-August). And as you’d guess, dealerships need to make room on their lots for the influx of new cars coming in. So, it’s pretty common to see prices cut on the previous year’s model of cars.

Car salespeople often need to meet quotas, which generally come at the end of the year. So if you can get into a dealership around New Year’s Eve, you’ll come across desperate salesmen looking to make a quick sale at a low price! Also, keep in mind that many dealerships require end of the month quotas as well. So visiting around the 29th or so of any month could pay off as well.

Does a Car’s Gas Mileage Decrease With Age?

A car buying question you may have will be regarding gas mileage and if it depreciates. The short answer is no in most cases. But keep in mind that it’s tough to hit those EPA estimates (even in new cars) since those ratings rely on optimal conditions. But otherwise, as long as you keep up your maintenance and visit the mechanic from time to time, your gas mileage won’t experience any noticeable decrease over time.

Can you Buy a Car Without a License?

Yes, you can buy a car without a license. But, of course, you won’t be able to drive the vehicle without a permit or license.

Is It Better To Buy a Used Car Compared to a New Car?

Most car buying guides will have an opinion on whether a new car or used car is better. But, this one depends entirely on you! It’s what suits you better, ask lots of car buying questions to people familiar with cars and you will work out what suits you best.

Used cars are generally cheaper. And if you’re looking for getting the most features for your buck, used is the way to go. Plus, certified pre-owned can give you plenty of new-car benefits. So it’s not a bad idea to buy a used car today. But if you’re a fan of that new car smell and holding on to your car for the next decade, then buying a new car is also a good choice.

Is It Bad to Buy a Car With High Mileage (Over 100k)?

No, it’s not a bad idea. In fact, high mileage cars are great if you’re looking to buy a car with as little money as possible. Plus, if it’s a reliable brand and you take care of it, you can easily find cars that will push upwards of 300,000 miles!

Can You Buy a Car From a Dealer in a Different State?

Yes, you can. But much of the process is ESID. It may help to look for a car buying guide in the specific state you are purchasing a vehicle. Lenders have different policies about buying cars in different states. Also, DMVs have different rules about transferring titles depending on the state you live in. So be sure to check with your DMV beforehand to see if there’s anything special you need to note about the purchase.

Is it Bad to Buy a Car with a Salvage Title?

To end our car buying guide we want to teach you about a salvage title and answer your car-buying questions around buying a car with a salvage title. Most of the time, a salvage title is a red flag. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a bad idea.

For example, if you’re looking to rebuild a car, then a salvage title won’t mean much. Plus, you can buy these cars super cheap at auctions! All you need from here are parts at a great price!

Also, in some rare cases, a salvage title doesn’t mean the car is undrivable. Sometimes, a car gets a salvage title because it was stolen or unretrievable for a select period of time. Other times, the damage isn’t related to the performance. So if that backseat burnt or flooded, you’ll mostly need to worry about cosmetic damage in an otherwise drivable car. So in these cases, a salvage title car isn’t necessarily a bad purchase.

We hope this article has helped answer some of your Car Buying Questions and put your mind at ease. If you have any further questions or want to know what to ask when buying a car, give this article a read. 

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