Car Value Preserving Tips

Are you ready to sell your car? Perfect! Then we’ve got the advice you need. After all, who doesn’t want a couple extra thousand dollars when selling a car? And no, that’s not just a click-bait or scam number. Instead, it’s the amount of money you can rake in extra by simply following these tips! So, let’s figure out how to earn the most money possible when selling your car!

Fix What You Can!

No need to go overboard with expenses here, as not everything is worth the money. For example, don’t both with a transmission or engine replacement since these fixes cost so much. You’ll come out behind when all is said and done!

Instead, look more at fixing those leaks coming from the car’s hoses. For that matter, maybe even replace a cheap hose or two if it needs to be replaced. It’s small fixes like this that’ll pay off in the long run and earn you a couple extra hundred dollars!

Impressions Matter: Get that Curb Appeal Going

You only have one chance to make a great impression. So start with your car’s curb appeal. The obvious start is simply washing your car. This is one of the simplest steps here. And yet, one of the most effective! After all, how good does a car look when covered in bird turds and tree sap? Exactly… it doesn’t look good at all. So give it a quick $7 wash.

Next, get some touch-up paint for those scratches, dings, and gashes. Again, don’t go crazy and get an entirely new paint job. Instead, a cheap tin of paint is enough for this job! Just cover up any nicks from those times you opened your door a touch too wide into a cart return rail and you’re good to go here! Plus, covering up these blemishes is more than enough to attract a few extra potential buyers! Not to mention, you’ll gain a few extra negotiation points when all is said and done. But more on this later!

Don’t Forget To Pick Up After Yourself!

This one sounds simple enough. But then again, you’d be shocked to learn how many people try to sell their cars with a messy interior. And in the process, it scares away buyers. Also, those stains really don’t help you when it comes to negotiating a good price.

So, this one’s pretty simple. For starters, get any trash out of your car! Secondly, get it vacuumed. This one only costs you some spare change at the local car wash, so it’s not really an investment of any type! And lastly, scrub down your dash, cup holders, armrests, and other surfaces. Throw some stain remover on any stains you spot. And if you smell any leftover odors, get an air fresher!


A car’s only worth what you let it be worth. So don’t be afraid to bargain for a few extra dollars when selling your vehicle. Seriously, it doesn’t even matter if it’s another person or dealership.

No harm can come from reasonably (important word here) asking for more money from your potential buyer! And don’t settle for any low-ball offers either! This step alone can easily net you a few extra hundred dollars if you do it right!

Bonus: A Picture is worth $1000

If you’re not planning to sell your car back to a dealership, you’ll need some epic pictures! After all, pictures are what will attract and interest buyers. So with that said, take clear pictures from every possible angle of your car. Show off your interior as well! And while you’re at it, make sure your background isn’t too distracting. Parking your car next to a white wall is usually your best bet here! You’d be surprised how much extra money and how many extra buyers a good picture draws in for you!

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