6 Fall Driving Tips to Keep you Safe on the Road

Our Top Fall Driving Tips To Keep You Safe

September has come to an end, which could only mean one thing. It is finally autumn! And right alongside some tasty pumpkin treats and those colorful falling leaves is some brisk and cold weather! Sure, it’s no doubt a nice change up from those humid summer mornings. But is your car ready for some cold fall days?

To help you make sure your car is autumn-ready, here’s a quick list of fall driving tips to get you prepared:

Fall Driving Tip #1: Keep Your Tires and Brakes Fresh

First things first. Check your tires. After all, icy roads are a simple side effect of this fall weather. Not to mention all that rain and snow depending on your area.

It goes without saying that the most essential fall driving tip is that you need tires that are ready to grip to any terrain! To check your tires, start by looking at their tread. If it looks worn or is balding, it’s time to get some new wheels.

And while you’re at it, listen closely to your brakes. If they’re making an ugly rubbing sound, be sure to get those replaced as well. After all, your brakes are one of the best safety features your car has to offer. And sometimes, you’ll need to come to sudden stops at unexpected times! So make sure your car can actually stop when you need it to.

Fall Driving Tip #2: Top Off Your Fluids

Generally speaking, you’ll want to replace all your car’s key fluids—drain them first if you need. The change of seasons are a great time to do basic maintenance and check all your fluids.

As far as fluids go, your most important ones include washer, oil, brakes, transmission, power steering, and anti-freeze. Making sure these are all topped up will ensure you are safe when driving in fall. 

Fall Driving Tip #3: Check Your Lights

This fall driving safety tip only requires a quick inspection on your part. Simply make sure all your lights (headlights, tail lights, fog lights, flashers, brake lights, high beams, etc.) are in working order.

Especially since autumn brings much shorter days. So most mornings are now cold and dark. Plus, deer come out more at this time of year. So use your bright lights to easily spot any wildlife before it jumps in front of your car.

Fall Driving Tip #4: Make Sure Your Wiper Blades Work Properly

Again, the weather won’t be so sunny in autumn. And depending on where you live, this is the time of year with plenty of rain and snow. Thus, you’ll need some good wipers. Our fall driving tips to knowing if you need new wiper blades, is to first check for any tears in the wiper blade’s rubber.

Look at how well it removes liquid from your windshield. Is it a nice and smooth motion? Or is there a lot of streaking and splitting? Also, is it nice and quiet? Or is it annoyingly loud as it screeches across your window? If it’s anything but a quiet and seamless motion, it’s time to get new wipers. If you are looking for auto parts online, use our tool to find cheap parts!

Fall Driving Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Floor Mats

Okay, so floor mats aren’t exactly the first things you think of with car maintenance or fall driving tips. But across the country, autumn tends to be a wet season. So some good floor mats will prevent some serious messes. This is even truer with carpeted floors where the wetness can cause direct (and expensive) damage.

Fall Driving Tip #6: Have a Mechanic Check the Rest

And to finish things off, have a mechanic perform a quick checkup. Mostly, ask the mechanic to pay some special attention to your belts and hoses. Even the slightest of cracks will become problematic after the cold air further rips them open. And we all know a damaged belt is not good by any means.

Be sure to have a mechanic take a look before you start driving in fall and also ask him if he has any fall driving safety tips. Otherwise, you might be looking at some huge and super-expensive issues down the road.

Final Thoughts

The autumn weather can be pretty rough on your car. But if you follow along with the above tips, your vehicle will continue to run strong through all the cold seasons! And best of all, every step here is quick, simple, and cheap! So don’t delay! Get your car ready for the fall weather now before things really cool down at the end of the month!

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