6 Car Insurance Tips for Any Vehicle Owner

Our 6 Top Car Insurance Tips:

Car Insurance Tip #1: What They Don’t Tell You About Your Insurance Company’s Services

Who doesn’t love car insurance? After all, this is what prevents us from losing tons of money for our stupid little mistakes. And let’s not forget all those little services thrown in for good measure.

While this is all nice to have, surprisingly, there are times when it’s best to not consult your insurance company.

For example, did you know that you may not always want to use your insurance company’s roadside assistance services? A little car insurance tip we tell everyone is that it can sometimes be cheaper to use another company for roadside assistance. To learn more, let us give you a few more car insurance tips that you probably did not know about your insurance company!

Car Insurance Tip #2: Understanding C.L.U.E

First things first. To have a clue of what is going on here, our main car insurance tip is to familiarize yourself with CLUE. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, neither have a majority of Americans according to a survey. But it’s pretty important to you and your insurance.

In short, CLUE refers to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange Report. And in short, this is a database that stores any insurance claims and information about you for a full 7 years.

Why should you care? Well, seeing as this contains information about you, insurance companies use this when deciding whether to cover you. So if you have a few nasty claims and reputation, insurance companies will more or less view you as a yucky contagion when you apply for their services in the coming years. Thus, do not burn any unnecessary bridges with your insurance company!

Car Insurance Tip #3: Don’t Abuse Your Insurance’s Roadside Assistance Services

We all know how roadside assistance works. It is an awesome resource when your tire blows up while driving down the highway and you do not have a carjack handy. Nonetheless, it is not something you will want to use excessively under your insurance company.

A car insurance tip for any driver is that anytime you call in for roadside assistance through your insurance, it is not uncommon for companies to report each use. And if you use it too many times, roadside assistance can count as a claim against you.

We all know how this works; if your CLUE report doesn’t check out, you won’t have a fun time finding a new insurance company after the first one drops you. So, in short, the roadside assistance through your insurance isn’t a bad resource by any means. BUT, when you’ve ran out of gas while driving down the road for the sixth time this month, don’t be afraid to look for roadside assistance services outside of your insurance company.

Car Insurance Tip #4: Don’t Give Too Much Information to Your Insurance Company

Alongside abusing roadside services, simply asking about potential claims can count against you. Yes, this is true even if you never file an actual claim. Simply put, anytime you ask about potential claims, it’s filed in a CLUE report. And as we’ve already learned, filling that thing up with too much information isn’t pretty.

So our simple car insurance tips are to save your stupid (and not so stupid) questions for Google, mechanics, and other car experts. And if you need a small car fix, perhaps you can even do it yourself with a few inexpensive parts.

Car Insurance Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Agent for Lower Prices

Insurance is a bit complicated. On the one hand, asking the wrong questions could result in a disgusting CLUE report. But our final car insurance tip is to remember that your insurance agent is there to help. So the next time your bill seems too high, don’t be shy! Give your agent a call asking about how to lower your premiums. You’ll be amazed at how a few small changes could result in huge savings.

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