Everything You Need to Know about a Vehicle Recall Search

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What is a Vehicle Recall Search?

Vehicle recall search and safety recalls are means by which a vehicle manufacturer may use to communicate to vehicle owners about an identified defect. This defect may have a hazardous effect on certain functions of the car, making it unsafe for the occupants of the vehicle and needs to be addressed.  

All vehicle recall search and repair costs related to vehicle safety recalls are the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer. All searches begin inputting a vehicle’s VIN number to assess any open vehicle recalls on that line of vehicles. Do a vehicle recall check by VIN today.

Vehicle Recall Search Process

Defects associated with vehicle recall search and safety recalls are discovered or exposed after a number of customer complaints or occurrence of incidents. Vehicle recall searches are usually identified in or affect certain vehicle year, make and models and affect specific software or electrical functions and may cause fire or deaths.

All vehicles found on US public roads; domestic and imported vehicles, including accessories like tires and child safety seats are required to meet certain safety standards to make it safe for the user, else the court will instruct the manufacturer to issue a recall to fix any recurring incident or complaints due to any defect.

Vehicle Recall Search, Whose Responsibility?

Vehicle recall search could be issued by the vehicle manufacturers based on testing and dealer complaints data or issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) through the courts when they identify any vehicle that is non-compliant to safety standards. Also, use the vehicle recalls search tool to search all active recalls affecting your car.

What Defects Can Trigger a Vehicle Safety Recall?

Some safety defects that could trigger a potential safety hazard and a vehicle recall search could be:

●      unintended acceleration

●      unintended braking while speeding

●      deployment of airbag system without any collision

●      airbag failure to deploy in a collision

●      steering rack locking at speed

What is the Vehicle Recall Process?

The manufacturer usually sends out a letter to vehicle owners through the mailbox notifying them about the possible safety hazard. This letter will give you a detailed description of the issue and inform you about when your vehicle model is scheduled for repair. A preferred dealer nearby will be recommended as a place for your repair.

Vehicle recall search and safety recall repairs cost within ten years are the manufacturer’s responsibility and not the vehicle owner. Even though vehicle recalls search and repairs are the manufacturer’s cost, it is important to note that these services have to be carried out by a recognized car dealership in order to enjoy these reimbursement benefits.

Make sure to ask your service adviser who is responsible for the cost when you schedule an appointment for your vehicle recall repair. If you want to know How to check vehicle recall, use our vehicle recall search tool to verify if a safety recall applies to your vehicle. The vehicle recall search feature provides vehicle model specific recall information.

How to Check Vehicle Recall on Your Car Today!

The vehicle recall search tool may be used to check for common recurring problems on your vehicle as reported by other vehicle owners. If you experience any problem that exists in the list of the common complaints, make sure to keep any receipt if you have to pay out of pocket to get it repaired.

It is possible that a pending investigation may be on-going and recall is not yet issued, however, if it is confirmed a manufacturer defect, you may get reimbursed. You may not qualify for reimbursement or free vehicle recall search and related repairs if your vehicle is over ten years at the time the recall is issued.

Give it a go today and check for vehicle recall here. You will need your VIN number as you do a vehicle recall check by VIN. 

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