Winter Safe Driving Tips

It might be the middle of winter. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to prep your car for the snow and ice. Plus, we’ve got a few great driving tips to make your winter drives smooth and easy. So, let’s cover everything you’ll need for some safe driving in the snow.

Take It Slow and Easy

Remember, everything takes longer in the snow. After all, you can’t exactly slam on your brakes without unwanted skidding and sliding in the snow. Therefore, take it slow and you won’t need to worry about braking as often. Instead, you’ll want to slowly ease into your stops when you see snow on the ground.

 The same deal goes for accelerating as well. Slowly ease into the gas pedal.  This way, you’ll maintain full control over your car when driving on any slippery terrain.

Check Your Lights

Lights are critical when it comes to driving in the snow. For starters, snow clouds usually cover a bulk of the sun’s natural light. Plus, some good headlights will ensure your car remains fully visible to other drivers.

Get Some Winter Tires and Chains

If you plan to drive in the snow, you’ll need as much traction as possible. And winter tires are the perfect start to gaining that extra grip. According to Studies from the Quebec government, snow tires reduce your needed braking distance by 25%. If that’s not enough, the study also found that winter tires reduce collisions by 38% when compared to standard tires. In other words, winter tires make for some ultra-safe winter driving. Same concept goes with chains as well. They’ll help your tires maintain extra traction when driving in the snow—even for tires that aren’t intended to drive on slippery terrains.

Get Some Frame-less Windshield Wipers

Believe it or not, getting the right windshield wipers makes all the difference in the winter. And sure, you’re metal-framed wipers get the job done. But they also have a habit of skipping and streaking water across you’re windshield when they get cold. And in worst-case-scenarios, they can even break. Frame-less windshield wipers naturally curve to your windshield. This means they don’t use hinges that freeze and break in the cold. So, in the long term, frame-less windshield wipers are your safest bet for the winter months.

Don’t Panic

Panicking always makes everything worse. And when driving on the snow, that statement couldn’t be truer. Even when driving slower than normal, your car will slide at some point. When this happens, DON’T slam on your brakes. Doing so only results in you spinning out—and in turn, other cars spinning out trying to avoid you. It’s not a pretty situation.

Instead, stay calm. You’ll want to turn into the slide. Specifically, turn your wheel into the direction where the back of your vehicle is sliding. But, moderation is key—don’t panic and jerk your wheel in any given direction. Otherwise, it’s just as bad as slamming on your brakes. However, if you ease into the turn, your car will correct without the use of brakes. And then you’ll safely get where you need to go.

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